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The Developer

The visionary behind Canterfield Ridge is a seasoned old salt with a lifetime of real estate development to his credit. Philip Robinson purchased 'The Dimmock' property back in the early 90's. The initial land parcel included just over 450 acres of both wooded and cleared farmland. Canterfield Ridge is a 50+ acre plot that sits up on the ridge facing Northeast. On clear days you can see the cliffs of Blomidon and even further to New Brunswick.

An Energy Efficient Community

Recently, a few green builders were invited to the property for a walk through. BFreeHomes, a company specializing in the design of net-zero homes, confirmed that Canterfield Ridge has all the environmental attributes that make an energy efficient community possible. 

The Solar Component

The land tract which is currently 65% wooded will be cleared to 25% (wooded area remaining.) The wooded area that remains on the property has already been selectively cut by arborists to ensure the right tree species thrive. All lots in the Canterfield development are oriented to support a solar passive home design.

Lot Sizes

The existing lot plan has 14 lots that occupy just under 50 acres. Early birds will have the opportunity to purchase 4 acre lots. No lot sold will be less than 1.5 acres. We encourage building garages, barns and guest houses. After all, you've got the space. The lot sizes will give you an array of options when it comes to choosing your renewable energy source.  

passive-solar-designGreen Space

Over the last 20 years, much work has gone into making the entirety of the property a beautiful place to live and ideal for energy efficient homes. A short walk down a wooded trail brings you into the shared Green Space of Canterfield Ridge. We have an additional 150 acres of logging roads, wooded trails and open fields. There are two large ponds and several large streams that meander through the land. In 2013, the land owners put in a grass tennis court which is reserved for Ridge residents. There are plans to put in a 9-hole golf course over the next 5 years.

The Net-Zero Homes

The Developers have consulted with certified green builders and come up with several net zero home designs that leave a very small carbon footprint. A combination of passive solar design, active solar storage and wind generated power will heat, cool and light your homes while keeping it eco friendly. 

The Demographic

Canterfield Ridge's net zero homes suit couples and families with younger children who are ready for green living. Canterfield Ridge residents will likely have combined income in the range $120k, with two cars and need for space.